‘Banksy’ is an anonymous graffiti artist, political activist, film director and painter who specializes and is well known for his street art, sculpture and satire. He was born and raised in Britain, Bristol. His bitter street art and riotous motto mixed with dismal humour graffiti stylised with an original and creative stencilling craft. His work of political and social unfairness have been viewed and admired on street walls, buildings, bridges and alley ways all over the world. His disapproval of ‘vandalism’ lead him to display his work publicly where he knew people would see it in a bid to voice his opinion that labelling graffiti as vandalism is wrong. On many occasions admires have questioned why banksy doesn’t sell his work, however auctioneers have tried to sell his work.

He uses his creativity to help open the eyes of the public and encourage them to become aware of the manipulative and selfish government we are being controlled by. Through his work he is expressing the inhuman decisions the government choose to make to benefit themselves only. He reveals the truth and secret plans the government have and unveils the brutality of what is happening to the people living in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan who are suffering with the war. He also shows the reality of the world we live in and makes us realise that things we perceive as normal are actually the complete opposite. For example, One of his works’ quotes “Follow Your CANCELLED Dreams”, which makes onlookers think about what message he is trying to communicate to the audience. Clearly he is communicating that society is being forced to live in a system where they have to abide by and have no choice. Banksy mocks the government and how they view society by stating what the government want from the people, but expresses it in such a way for society to realise that this is cruel and not fair.

Banksy encourages people to not follow the system of working very hard in a low paid job, then using all that money to pay over priced bills and house keeping costs, having to work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day in a job they don’t even enjoy, being exhausted because the job they could just about get is like slave labour and tedious, painstakingly looking for a job even though the person has graduated with a first in medicine and ends up working in waitrose. Having to pay back a thirty one thousand pound debt just for wanting to be educated. We all know this is the way of the government system and the majority of people live this kind of life not realising that they are being oppressed and brainwashed into thinking that this is freedom when in reality it is not.




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